Cooperation agreement between AUX Company and Pakshoma group

زمان مطالعه 2 minutes / 07 March 2022 / مدیر سایت

During a special ceremony, Pakshoma brand air conditioning industry announced its continuation of long-term cooperation with AUX brand.

The ceremony was held on Sunday, February 27-2022 in the presence of the CEO and Senior Managers of Pakshoma brand air conditioning industry and the Deputy CEO and also AUX brand Middle East CEO and a group of top sellers of air conditioning industries across the country. It was concluded a long-term cooperation memorandum which had been signed between the two Iranian and Chinese companies.

At first, Mr. Raymon Liu, the Vice President of AUX, addressed the audience and explained that in the last 10 years, China, as the largest manufacturer of home appliance products, as well as the air conditioning industry, has been able to have the largest global market share in this area. By describing the production, service and marketing activities of AUX brand, he described this brand is as one of the largest manufacturers in air conditioner segment and is a leader in innovation with more than 50 patents in the production of their products. He also added the AUX brand is one of the global brands in market and is developing more and more now. He mentioned cooperation with Pakshoma Group is considered as one of the important achievements for AUX brand in the last few years.

After signing this memorandum, Mr. Amir Ali Ebrahimi, CEO of Pakshoma Air Conditioning Industries, pointed out that the most important strategy of Pakshoma Group, as the largest manufacturer of air conditioners companies in Iran, is to providing high quality products which would be compatible with various climatic conditions based on international standards for Iranian consumers. He also claimed the cooperation with world-renowned brands to transfer the new technology is another goals of this group, and collaboration with the AUX brand in the consciousness of this policy of Pakshoma Group was proposed.